Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The fervour of the recent convert

Is there anything that burns so bright? Possibly my face after yesterday's exertions. I left the office before five, as per my plan. Hit the Y and, after some confusion finding the actual gym (yeah, ok, I've never set foot in there. I've always been more interested in the pool, myself), submitted to my very first ever organised gym class.

It's a little like religion, isn't it? But with more sweating.

This particular class was Circuit, which I LOVED. Yup, loved it. Forty-five second intervals of cardio and weights. More of that, please. I felt strong and invincible after, and had many ridiculous revelations throughout, like, "Hey, the more I do this, the easier it gets!" and "exercise makes me feel good!" I'm like that talking Barbie, the one that said mainly stupid or self-evident things, like "math class is hard." Doy-oy, Barbie.

And then after Circuit, I changed into my bright red swimsuit and slid into the pool for Deep Water Aquafit. Which is taught by my neighbour. Which is so, so Halifax. The class was challenging and though I've done it before and loved it, coming after a brisk 45-minute workout in Circuit, um, it just didn't feel as fun, somehow. But I pushed through it. And it got easier. Ah, the revelations. It's not so much that they keep coming. More it's that that particular one comes again and again (harder!) (sorry.). Anyhow, by the end of it I was glad I'd stuck with it. My limbs felt noodly, but invigorated, if those aren't diametrically opposed.

Getting on my bike and riding home was something of a challenge. Like slow-motion girl I pedalled the slight incline all the way from the Y to my house. Whew. Then, though I'd been fantasising that Professor Taco might be home from practise making me supper, sadly, he was not. And for the second night in a row, instead of falling hungrily upon whatever snacks I could lay my grimy paws on, I sliced and chopped and cooked and stirred, and before too long I had a pot of outrageously good curry and some soba noodles to go with. Sometimes, I love my own cooking so much I think, heck, we've legalised gay marriage...I should just go ahead and marry myself! But then I'd have to cheat on myself with Taco, and I respect myself too much for that. ANYHOW, I digress. Surprisingly.

So, curry and soba, yum. World Cup Hockey Game, in which Team Canada wins the cup, double yum. Professor Taco coming home exhausted and falling asleep on my lap as the hockey game winds down, triple yum, except it meant I had to yell very quietly at the tv during the final minutes of the third period which was difficult, but hey, one must make sacrifices for those one loves. And then, too tired from a double workout day to stay up for the Amazing Race, I popped a tape in and slept the very satisfied sleep of the extremely on-plan.


And today, again, so good so far. Which is good. Because tomorrow afternoon I fly to Banff for meetings. Meetings that will be catered. Meetings that will not be catered in any kind of healthful way. And then a day at the ancestral palace, a day that will doubtless include some kind of cake or pie or squares or, god help me, all three. Cake I can take or leave. But pies and squares? Oh god pies and squares. Do I love myself more than I love them? Yeah, I probably do. I'm pretty big on myself, ask anyone.

Tonight, I meet my personal trainer. Hee!


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