Friday, January 20, 2006


Oh joy, oh bliss, oh wonderful day. So, I’m out for lunch and a bit of shopping with Kravitz. We stop into La Cache, a store I go weak for, because they’re having a big sale. I find a couple of super-cute kids’ shirts on the rack out front, and figure they’ll make great Valentine’s Day gifts for my adorable nieces. As I’m paying for them, Kravitz continues to browse. She finds this. Which I love. And which is on sale. I try on the extra-large, because that’s the way I roll. She kind of screws up her face. “It’s not great, to tell you the truth,” she says. “And anyway, you’re going to need a smaller size soon.” It is a little large in the shoulders, I allow. So just for kicks, I try on the large. And? It! Fits! And looks FANTASTIC. And is on sale, did I mention? And it’s completely unlike anything else I own, it’s so pretty and cool and so I buy it, and now it’s mine, and also? I had to put the extra-large back because it was TOO BIG.

Very. Awesome.

Also awesome: Taco and I had a great half-hour walk this morning, then I went to the gym for a punishing body bar class. I forgot how great it feels to start the day with a good hard workout. Tomorrow is cardio strip, right after the farmers’ market, and Sunday marks my return to yoga, and then a little knitting in public. While wearing my new jacket.

Shaping up to be an excellent weekend, I’d say. How about you?


Anonymous FB said...

You have so many good posts here I hardly know where to begin, excep to say..You have so many good posts!

Keep inspiring the rest of us, we need it!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Fatslayer said...

I'm so glad you're back posting regularly - I've really missed you and your words of wisdom. You sound like you're back on track and doing marvellously, getting your head straight and everything! Bravo!

1:42 PM  
Blogger stephanie said... nice! Thanks you guys, for the lovely remarks. I'll just be over here blushing if you need me.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Ann-Charlotte said...

Fabulous jacket! It's someting special about red, when you're ready to wear something red you know you've come a long way because in that colour you're so visible. :D (I would so like a bright red coat, perhaps I'll get one, if I'm brave enough, but I wonder if it goes together with my red hair..) I'm sure you'll look wonderful in it. I liked the roses. :)

5:47 AM  

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