Monday, October 04, 2004

The scales have fallen from my eyes

I promised a quick statistical update, and here it is. Without getting into actual numbers, suffice to say, I have dropped some inches this week, friends! Or, at least, parts of inches. I'm down an inch around the upper thigh, an inch around the bust, three quarters of an inch around the waist, and an inch around the hips. Plus my neck is shrinking, upper arms coming down a bit, calves still stubbornly same as they ever were, but everywhere else, we have movement, people, movement!

Holy crow, this stuff works!

As for scales, I don't feel I've ever had a trustworthy weigh-in. So I think we'll stick to inches for now.

In other news, I ate Red River cereal for the first time ever last night, and that's a snack I could get very used to. I cooked it in vanilla soymilk instead of water, and ate it with some cooked peaches and damn, that was a nice ride. Tonight, I'm off to see some friends and have an early thanksgiving dinner with them. So I'll be taking care all day. Lunch is already prepped: roasted tofu and veg with lettuce in a whole wheat wrap, plus a few pieces of fruit. Should be ok. May need to find some other veggies to eat, or maybe buy some soup if I can find a good veggie one somewhere.

And a great workout this morning. My goal for this week is five workouts at Curves, and actually not going over my flex points for the week. There's a novel concept. It would be nice to see another drop next Monday. Professor Taco is reporting he's made the move to his pre-quitting brand of cigarettes. Good for him, good for me, good for us. Looks like we're both on target for our November 1 deadline.


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