Monday, January 23, 2006

Having an average weekend

Clearly, I have a sickness.

I’m sitting here at my desk, swigging water and wishing it were 6:15 and time for Cardio Salsa. Because? I long to do squats.

See? Sick.

The weekend didn’t go off exactly as planned—though it was quite good in the relaxation and restoration department, and I was going to say not so good in the eating and moving department, but now that I think about it, that’s not really true. It was…normal. Like a normal person’s weekend, you know? Taco and I got up very early on Saturday and made it down to the farmers’ market, and then he dropped me off at Cardio Strip. The class was excellent as usual, and led to feelings of great wiggliness all day, which was fine by me, and from which Professor Taco later benefited. Afterward, he ran me the most perfect bath ever, quite hot water, Epsom salts and the Sex Bomb from Lush. I soaked for awhile, then emerged, sweaty and glassy-eyed. And then it was off to M&C’s house. She’s getting married this year, too—in March, actually, so the wedding presents have already started arriving. Including a panini press and an espresso machine. She called me last week, delirious, to invite me over after Strip “to eat a lot of paninis and drink too many cappuccinos.” We ended up making do with one of each, plus maybe some chocolate, and spent the entire afternoon discussing the impending weddings, house renovations and the like. Good god but I am so bourgeois. Anyhow.

Saturday night we went to see the excellent In Flight Safety. The bar was packed and we could barely see or hear the band. It was kind of nice to be out and about, but once in a while I get tremendously crowd averse, and Saturday night was one of those nights. So I was ok for most of it, and then I just started to freak out whenever anyone banged into me, which was every 30 seconds, so we got the hell out of there, ate two skewers of barbecued meat each at Rocky’s Philipino BBQ stand (the best street meat ever anywhere) and raced home to crawl into our warm bed.

Sunday, Taco suggested going out for breakfast to use up a gift certificate to a local diner he’d been given for Christmas from one of his students. The place is actually better for lunch or supper…it’s a better Greek restaurant than it is a diner. But anyhow. We went, we ate, it was ok, but not outstanding, and I left a piece of bacon on the plate because it was too fat. Unprecedented, I assure you. I am a champion bacon-eater, or at least I was. Then we walked to our favourite bakery to buy multigrain bread, then dropped in on some friends for a cup of tea. Then I went to knit in public. Then home to cook and clean and cook and clean. Then a friend dropped by. Then two more came over for supper. Then finally I collapsed in a tired but happy heap in bed, while Taco gave me a massage. Because he is perfect.

So. Even though I ate some things that strictly speaking are not on plan, and even though I kind of didn’t track that eating even a little, and even though I drank less water than was called for, I did inherently practise restraint, and I definitely moved my body. It was, as I say, a nice, normal weekend. It is occurring to me that if I am planful, and tracky 80 percent of the time, and mindful and motivated the other 20 percent of the time, I will do alright. This feels totally ok to me, totally do-able, as a way of life.

I am aiming at dropping five pounds a month this year. That’s the hope, anyhow. It’s a pound and a quarter a week, which is completely within my grasp. The next challenge will be going to classes for the next two weeks, even though M&C won’t be teaching them because she’ll be in Toronto submitting to pre-wedding parties and events. I tend to want to go only to her classes…it’s like some gym-shyness or something. Which I should totally shake off, because the people at my new gym are quite friendly, way friendlier than at my old gym, and as a consequence, I have made, if not actual friends, then at least gym class acquaintances. People at whom I can nod and smile before, during and after class. I seem to need this, for some reason. So…I should realize I have it, and just go. To. Class!

Ok, well, that’s the end of that long, rambly post. Sheesh. Seven hundred and ninety one words, and counting, to tell you I had an average weekend.


Anonymous fb said...

that is what I decided to do too, lose five a month. good luck!

11:28 AM  

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