Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ensmalleration sequence in progress

Ah, life is good. There is a foodcourt in the basement of the Broadcast Centre, where I'm working for a few weeks, that is a thing of beauty. Most notably, it includes a fantastic deli, with a giant salad bar, including a whole section of fresh fruit. Brothers and sisters, I am merrily spending five or six bucks a day down there getting my fill of strawberries, mangoes, grapefruit sections, pineapple, grapes...damn, that's some good eating, right there. The money I'm spending may become an issue at some point, but I'm too jacked up on fruit to care right now.

And Robot Exercise Church is still working for me. Three days down this week, two to go. It was tough this morning. Felt tired almost right away. Mom was reporting the same thing. But we pushed through, and so have already fulfilled our contractual obligation to work out three times a week. We could stop if we wanted to. But we don't want to. We can't stop. We're crazy for it! Crazy, I say!

Felt an insane urge to snack last night. I wasn't hungry, exactly, but I did feel like I could eat the world and everything in it. Instead, I made guacamole with two avocados that were on their last legs--good guacamole, too. And then I toasted some pita bread in the oven, broke it into chips, and snacked on that. It was super-satisfying, and didn't break the points bank.

I'm not going to tell you it was easy to decide to eat that. What I wanted was chips, actual, greasy potato chips. But I've got some positive peer pressure built into my living situation at the moment, and by spending a bit of extra time thinking before I started rummaging for snacks, I came up with something that was actually nutritious. And that didn't taste like a booby prize. Homemade pita chips are definitely joining my repertoire.

Ok, now, it's not like I never understood the calories in-calories out connection before. I mean, eat less exercise more is not exactly grad school material. Then again, I dropped out of a polytechnic, so maybe that's what's going on here because I feel as if I've invented the wheel over here. Because you know? If you eat less, and exercise more, inches will come off your body (even if the scale at Curves now says I've gained an additional two pounds. Is it possible I don't know how to operate the scale? I guess, since calories in calories out feels like a minor epiphany, yes, I guess it's possible)! Imagine! It's not like I didn't know that before, but maybe I didn't believe it or something because otherwise, what the hell have I been doing all my life? It turns out that once you start, it's actually kind of simple. I'm not saying it won't get challenging. It's just that it makes all kinds of sense, I can already see the results of it, and it makes me wonder just exactly how far up my ass my head was prior to three weeks ago.

Pretty far, I'd say. Things are much better now that I've pried it out of there.


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