Monday, February 13, 2006

All of me, why not take all of me?

Parts of me that are getting noticeably thinner:
Lower legs, especially ankles
Lower arms

Parts of me that are not:

Ah, it’s so weird. It is so weird to be typing and suddenly to notice the bones in my hand, bones I’ve never, literally NEVER seen before. It’s so weird to lie in bed and realize I can feel more space at the intersection of my leg and my torso. Weird to realize that I have had not only fat hands and fat feet, but fat armpits. Fat armpits! Who has those?

And while I am glad to note shrinkage in these peripheral parts, I would frigging love it if my waist measurement would just go down already. It’s 33 inches and change, depending on the time of the month. It has been bouncing around between 33 and 34 inches for SO FREAKING LONG. And I am ready to see another number there.

Other places I would like to see a different number:
The scale
My bank account

The scale…perhaps it is broken? It refuses to show me anything lower than 206.4. Every day, I weigh in somewhere between that number and 208.6. The scale also never measures in odd numbers after the decimal. Yes, it was cheap. No, I am not buying another. Yes, I will continue to curse it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

As for my bank account, well. What with the wedding*, the house renovations, the starving artist fiancé* and the new (size 14!) lovely tweedy winter coat I bought (on sale, but still) I am feeling the pinch. Obviously, the solution to both these problems is to sell my fat. Any takers? Anyone? Maybe on eBay…

Anyhow. I am keeping the faith. Lifting weights, sweating it out on the elliptical, walking most mornings, stretching daily. I try to stay conscious of the need to work harder, to push myself. I have not yet dipped my toe into spinning. (But thanks for the encouragement, Ms Ess!) I will, though. I will. Because those numbers? Are getting old.

*Here you must imagine links. Links I would embed, but my web browser and Blogger apparently are not on speaking terms when it comes to links. I will edit this at work tomorrow if I get a chance. Otherwise...oh! I will put links in the sidebar. Fun times!


Blogger LME said...

We seem to be going through the same thing right now. I'm losing some places, based on the workouts, like hands, feet, chest (boobs have actually shrunk, yay!), ankles, calves, upper arms. But not others: gut and waist.

I'd really like my waist circumference to go down. Really and truly. It's 31" and will not budge. No matter what.

Nor will the scale, dammit. One month on WW and I have done nothing but gain and lose the same half pound.

But I'm determined this time to wait out the plateau. No matter how long it takes.

You hear that waist? Scale?

12:05 PM  
Blogger New & Improved said...

Iee, me too! Here's something I never thought could happen: I have lost 29 (!) pounds and maybe 1 inch around my waist. Meanwhile I've got totally svelte new wrists and ankles. I'm determined to wage a War on Abs, but have not actually done anything to move in that direction. It does feel pretty good to see the changes anywhere, though, doesn't it?

PS Just found your blog via AFW - I'm enjoying it.

12:15 PM  

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