Thursday, February 01, 2007


I could have sworn I was here more recently than November, but apparently not.

I can't say I have much to report. I am slowly trying to get a grip on things. I have gained 20 pounds. It kills me to have to tell you this. There are reasons/excuses. That whole renovating/planning a wedding/finishing my novel thing I had going on all fall. A change in my job brought along a change in routine that made getting to the gym difficult and all but blew our daily morning walk out of the water.

And holy smokes, that morning walk was effective. Even on the weeks when I could do no other exercise, that morning walk helped me maintain. The walk is coming back. We start Monday. If it's cold, if we're tired, doesn't matter. Monday morning, we walk.

What else? I need to start tracking again. I logged in at Weightloss Resources the other day out of curiousity and was surprised to find my account still active. I thought I'd cancelled it. Apparently not.

I want to get back to it. I feel much better when I weigh less. My knees are starting to get a bit achy again, and I don't have the energy and verve I remember having this time last year.

I can tell you that I've been back to the gym twice this week and it has felt amazing both times. Tomorrow I have an 8am French class, but I will aim to get up early and do a half hour yoga abs dvd. And tomorrow night, Taco has an out-of-town gig, so no Friday night date for us. Instead, I will go to the gym after work.

All I can do is keep doing the best I can, until it becomes natural again.


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