Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Seen mine anywhere? Because I have misplaced it. Must have lost it somewhere on the road between Toronto and here.

That is to say, re-entry has not been entirely smooth. Oh, it hasn't been terrible, it's just that at the ancestral palace I was in such a nice groove. Work out every morning, without even thinking about it. Eat a good breakfast, take a homemade good lunch, eat a lovely mom-made supper, drink an ocean of water during the two-hour commute. Easy peasy.

Now that I'm home? Not as easy peasy.

First of all, there was the 19-hour roadtrip. We packed a good cooler, with lots of healthy snacks, but I got super dehydrated, and I'm still recovering from that. Then I got averse to water again for a while over the weekend. Then I ate a cheese croissant at the market. And damn, it was good, and worth it. But then after that, the weekend eating was downhill. Mostly because I didn't have any groceries in the house, and was too busy and broke to go get some. Donna and I had falafel for lunch on Saturday, which is undoubtedly not Core, but on the other hand, it's pretty healthful. I can't remember what we had for supper that day...Oh yeah, Professor Taco made an outrageously good scallop curry. So, coconut milk, not Core. But again, not a crisis. But these things add up, you know?

And then there was Sunday. A day in which Taco and I were so glad to be in each other's company again that, um, we kind of didn't get around to eating. Well, I ate a veggie burger around sundown, but it wasn't enough, and by then my stomach was hurting and I felt insane and dehydrated and...bleh. Not good.

And then yesterday the not-having-groceries continued. So breakfast was...well, you don't care about every single thing I ate. Suffice to say it wasn't bad, but neither was it exactly good.

Positives: I bought groceries last night. And I went to Curves. And I must say the Halifax version of Robot Exercise Church totally kicks the Mississauga version's ass. Two extra machines, lots of high powered fans, a scrolling LED screen with exercise tips and ads to read to pass the time, lots of space...and weirdly, it's set up in the building that used to house the newspaper I used to work at. It was weird to get changed into my workout gear in my old boardroom, and to work out in my old office, but...well...I kind of liked it. So I'll be there Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Negatives: No workout tonight so far, because I am still at work, even though it's 6pm. Got a freelancer here working on something and I can't leave till she's done. So I've missed Circuit, and I'm currently missing Aquafit.

But positive: I can go home and do my Gym in a Box dvd finally. And make an excellent, Core-y supper. With enough left over for an outrageously good lunch. And Taco will be off doing record-related things, which means that I can get some things about the house in order without the considerable distraction of his adorable presence. Which means that I can stop feeling like everything is chaotic. Which means that I can head off any suggestion of self-sabotage.

So. I'd be surprised to find I'd lost this week. But I doubt I've gained. And in any event, I've managed to stay aware and nip a potential landslide in the bud. If I may just shamelessly mix some metaphors there.



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