Friday, October 08, 2004

My definition

I know, I know, it's getting a little tired, my Forrest Gump routine, but seriously, ok, turns out, if you work out for like half an hour a day five days in a row, you can see your muscles.

No, really, you can!

It's really cool!

God, I hope no one who thinks I'm smart finds this blog, or I am so screwed.

Ok, next thing: water. I think I should be drinking around 96 ounces of the stuff. Which is fine, I like water. But sometimes, I'll sit at my desk, feeling kind of thirsty, and even though the water's right there, I won't drink it. That's fucked. So today, I'm off to buy myself a nice shiny Nalgene bottle. Maybe two, one for work and one for the gym. Because I think I sometimes get the wig from my grubby old water bottle, the one I keep refilling. I know it's crawling with bacteria, and leeching extra estrogen into my system, and like that, and maybe that's why sometimes, thirsty though I may be, I decline to drink.

In other news, yesterday afternoon was a big challenge. I think I was too bored with the roasted tofu and veg wrap idea...I've had that for lunch every day. So I wisely chucked the one I'd brought, and went down to the salad bar in heaven to forage for my lunch. Did ok down there. My usual whack of fruit, plus a giant salad, full of all good things. And also, a toasted sesame seed bagel with butter, cucumber and tomato. It was all I could do to get it without cheese, but I managed. Before I settled on the bagel, I had passing, insanely strong desires for things like fried chicken (which I eat maybe twice a year, if that), grilled cheese sandwiches, mounds of white rice, Thai food, spring rolls, onion buns...yeah, it was tough times. So the bagel, though large and though possibly costing me somewhere in the range of five everlovin' points, was a pretty not bad choice. Also, it made me happy. But then, so did the salad and the fruit.

All in all, pretty damn good.

And this morning marked a full work-week of workouts, which was the goal. So, yay me!

Next up: Thanksgiving.



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