Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jab left, right hook, huh!

Oh, the things I have to tell you, Internet. I’ve been thinking lately about lofty topics, like the security blanket of fat I’ve been wearing lo these many years and my stunning revelation this morning, in the shower (which is where I have all my stunning relevations. Something to do with positive ions. Or negative ones. I can never remember which. Doesn’t matter), my truly astonishing relevation that I just don’t need to be fat anymore. Nope, don’t need it!

Ah, if only it were that easy to take off. But still, that’s a pretty big idea, as far as I’m concerned. And a little bit, it simplifies my purpose. This fat, I needed it before. But now? I’m all done. That feels pretty good.

What also feels pretty good, and what is precluding me from giving you a more philosophical post (also my laziness is precluding that, but that’s a whole other topic all together) is KICKBOXING.

I love it. Love, love it. I kickboxed for 45 minutes last night at the new gym and oh my god, love. First of all, I have a lot of rage inside, so it’s perfect for me. Death, take that. Crashed car, fuck you. Working for the man, whammo. Very satisfying. Also, it is an incredible workout. Like, as I type this, I can feel my back muscles working my arms. That’s how good a workout. I will be doing this again. And again and again! They teach it four times a week at the new gym. I think I’ll aim to take it at least twice.

Other things that I will tell you about before too long, I swear it:
Incidental exercise
Feeling my skeleton
Security blanket of fat

But that’s for the future, kittens. For now? Sushi.


Blogger Ms Gigglepuss said...

Kickboxing sounds awesome!! I'd love to get some of my pentup frustration out that way before I actually do smack somebody.

And what a whammo revelation. Fat is whack and I bet you'll get to your goal :)

2:16 AM  

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