Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Auld Lang Syne

Blogger needs to stop eating my posts. Alternatively, I need to remember to write it elsewhere first, then PASTE it into Blogger. Old dog.

This old dog, however, learned a few new tricks. Christmas was merry and involved eating that while not quite on plan was not exactly a free for all either. So that was great. Also great was being home and seeing my family, my friends, the awesome presents Taco and I received from both of the above, and the really fun round trip drive we did together.

Not as fun? New Year’s Eve.

Which was when my dad died.

About which I will say very little because it is too absurd to type about, let alone think about, and because I am sad, and because…this just isn’t the place for that.

What I can tell you is that the ensuing days included exactly as much mindless eating as you might expect. People brought a lot of ground beef to our house and we ate it. I ate garlic bread, shortbreads, breads of all kinds, really. Chocolates, cheesecake, pretty much whatever came around. On autopilot. Because sadly, that’s what I did. Some people don’t eat when they’re sad. Can’t eat. I? Ate. Whatever. And sat on the couch. Also whatever. And watched many, many hours of What Not to Wear (thank you, BBC Canada.).

And then I came back to Halifax and sat some more, but ate a lot less crap. It’s all candida protocol all the time over here, which, if you’ve forgotten or are somehow blissfully unaware, means no sugar, no yeast, no dairy, no wheat, no fermented foods, no caffeine and a whole bunch of other nos. In addition, I’m laying off the meat, after all that ground beef. You would too. Trust me.

What do I eat? A lot of brown rice and kamut pasta. And greens. Oh the greens. Dandelion, kale, chard, collards…you name it, if it’s green it’s in my fridge. Or my stomach. Depending on when you name it.

Anyhow. Do I feel better? Who the hell can tell? I’ve been getting the bare minimum of exercise, and I think once I can get my head around a routine again, one that includes the gym, yes, I will feel better. In so far as feeling better is a thing I can achieve right now.

To that end, tonight, I go to the gym. Then I go home and eat greens and a tuna steak. And a lot of acidophilus.



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