Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween, you devil, you

Of course, it's not just Halloween and the cursed mini chocolate bars that accompany it, though that really didn't help. I think I ate six, maybe seven of those little bastards last night.

I think it's weekends in general that kick my ass. Not that it's a hard target to find, mind you. Weekdays are excellent in their predictability. Eat Red River, go to the office, eat lunch brought from home, including many pieces of fruit, drink water all the live long day, work out, go home, eat excellent supper, sleep and so it goes.

Weekends are trickier. Firstly, there's the non-negotiable cheese croissant from Julien's at the market on Saturdays. I am flexible in most other regards, but not this one. Which would be fine, if I could make the rest of the weekend conform to the excellent, healthy plan in my head. But: no workout, erratic eating, rampant dope-smoking and its attendant rampant desire to eat the world with salt all put paid to my best intentions.

Good choices this particular weekend included a massive fruit salad that more than scratched the munchy itch on Saturday night. Plus fat-free brownies. Not to mention letting other people eat most of said brownies, leaving just one gooey one for my snack today. I also opted NOT to have the eggs benedict at brunch on Sunday, this after rationalising and thinking about it all week. VERY pleased with myself. So pleased, I had two caesars. Yes, at breakfast. If you're waiting for me to feel some kind of shame, you'd best pack a lunch. You'll be here a while.

However, in the not-so-good-choices department: a three-day holiday from working out. Fried rice twice on Saturday (though it was homemade, with brown rice and cooking spray rather than oil. But still.), plus noodles. Homefries at breakfast on Sunday AND toast. And then, at supper, sourdough bread. And brown rice. And a bit more sourdough bread. With butter. I mean, really.

And so, today. I actually hauled myself out of bed, away from warm and potentially snuggly Prof. Taco, wandered downstairs and did 40 mins with Gym in a Box. Must get three-pound weights today. Five-pounders are killing me. Made Red River and coffee and took it upstairs to have breakfast with the Prof. (Additional workout ensued. Heh!) Am at work, where so far I have not eaten muffins brought in by "thoughtful" (read: very slender, because she never keeps baked goods in her house, preferring instead to bring them to work and put them practically on my desk) co-worker. Rather, I have had my delicious and very filling lunch, and am 32+ ounces of water to the good. After work, I'll head down to Curves (I worry a bit about Curves. Because I've been working out there regularly, and have lost inches galore, but actual pounds? Not so much. Also? You'd think my cardio ability would have improved after a month of steady workouts, but again, not really. Latin Cardio on Thursday damn near killed me, as did Gym in a Box last week when I did it. This morning's was easier...but why hasn't Curves helped in this regard? I do not know. In any event, I am mixing it up, work-out-wise. Curves, Gym in a Box, circuit, aquafit and Latin cardio. That should help.) and work out again. Then walk home up Citadel Hill, then to Taco's for supper.

Whew. A long day of planful goodness. Ah virtue. Weekdays are thy name.


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