Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh-whoa Candida! We can make it together!

I canNOT get this Tony Orlando and Dawn song out of my head lately.

Boy, you don't hear that every day, do you?

It's been on repeat in my brain since last Tuesday when I left the naturopath's office. At the time, I was thinking I could cruise along till January, not really fully embracing the Candida protocol.

Of course, one weekend of unmitigated bread eating has screwed my head on straight about THAT.

I lost two days of work to sickness this week. Yesterday, in fact, I woke up crying because I felt so bad. Poor Professor Taco had his work cut out for him. Anyhow. He talked me down, made me a GREAT Candida-protocol-friendly breakfast (oh, sweet potato pancakes, you and I will be seeing a LOT more of each other), and generally looked after me.

So from here on in, with a few likely exceptions as we get closer to Christmas, I'm living sugar-free, dairy-free, yeast-free and wheat-free. And, sadly, mostly fruit-free. That will make me crazy insane in the membrane, but then the itching at the centre of my head hasn't exactly made me feel calm and orderly, so if the choice is give up fruit or go nuts, I'd chuck the fruit every time.

In future, my shopping list will include such luminaries as kale, quinoa, apples by the pantload, almond butter, brown rice cakes and stevia. I'm praying the goat cheese hasn't become off-limits. I think it's still ok, but we'll have to see. I'm much more sensitive and sick this time around.

As of now, I'm abandoning Weight Watchers. I haven't really been to the website in weeks...once I got the basics down, I didn't really feel compelled to check in there too often. But I've no fear that the Candida protocol will be an exceptionally healthy way to eat. And now that I'm being more mindful about eating, I think it will be fine. It's kind of hard to mindlessly snack on kale, you know? That shit's bitter. But good. But...not for snacking. I won't be able to do much damage on the no sugar, low white carbs, low fat regimen I'm about to embark on.

The five workouts a week don't hurt, either. (am I still on track, you wonder? The answer is yes. Mindful eating, check, check, check and check for the week. Workouts? Three and counting. Tonight is spinning at the Y, followed by Muscle Express. Good times.)

Candida! Just take my hand and I'll lead ya! I promise life will be sweeter! 'Cause it said so in my dreams! Oh, Tony Orlando. Where are you now?


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