Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bits and bites

Yes, it's been a little while. Doesn't mean I've fallen off the rails, though. Just been busy. Busy working out (I'm averaging about four times a week, I guess. I'd like to make that five or six, but weekends continue to be a challenge), busy making very nutritious meals, and busy dealing with the all-systems-failure that is continuing to happen in slow-motion.

Went to my amazing naturopath on Tuesday. Step one in stopping the free-fall into ill-health. She actually listened to me. For, like, an hour and a half. She made diagrams, and drew arrows and circled things and generally made me feel like I'm not crazy for thinking that my splitting fingernails, thinning hair, bouts of cystic acne, unbearably itchy ears etc etc must somehow be connected.

So, there will be changes. For now, some supplements. Some capsules full of oregano and I don't know what else to kill the bad yeast in my gut. Ah, that's a lovely sentence, isn't it? Some calcium-magnesium to see about those fingernails. Morning temperature taking to investigate the inner workings of my thyroid. I must also paint an iodine circle on my belly to test same. And in January? Full-on war against yeast. Candida protocol, which means the supplements, yes, plus strict dietary guidelines: no sugar, no yeast, no dairy, no mould. So, goodbye again to bread and cheese, wine, beer, most booze, in fact, cantaloupe, most fruit, really...and hello again my old friends kale and brown rice. Ah, good times. Thank god the professor and I are actually quite used to eating like hippies. Because we will live to eat yeast-free kamut bread again!

Actually, I'm getting into the idea of the Candida purge. I liked eating that way before. I found it quite easy to make the switch, once I found out it would make me feel better. Not sure why I'm so reluctant this time. Why I feel like I need the naturopath to tell me to do it. I know the ropes, but somehow, I need that external ass-kicking. Glad to have it, though.

So, it'll take me a little off the Core plan, likely, but last time I did this, I dropped about 20 pounds without really trying. Just by cutting out the foods that were making me sick. And now, with the working out and the actual really trying, it should be a boon to my efforts here. Plus, I can hardly wait to sleep through the night without my 4am pawing at my ears to try to stop the itching. Oh god, the itching. Won't be sad to see that stuff go.

Though I will miss that goddamn cheese croissant at the market on Saturdays. Must find candida-friendly substitute before January!

Also, I must make a confession. I totally have a girl-crush on Lesia Hart...I think that's her name. She of the Gym in a Box dvd. She's perky and spunky and you'd think that would really get to your nerve while working out, but I find the very opposite. She's so supercute and enthusiastic. And when we're kickboxing, and she tells me I'm looking tough? Rrrrrowr, I just want to go get her!

Oh god, Internet. What have I become?


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