Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Eating everything

Don't worry, I'm not eating everything. But Blogger is. I had a nice big post ready yesterday about how baggy my pants are getting, with a cautionary tale about how ignorant, willfully or otherwise, I was in the past about the size of my pants and, by extension, my ass.

However, Blogger binged on it and has not yet chosen to puke it up. I tried to save it as a draft, but something went horribly, horribly wrong, I was confronted with a page of code and, well, I gave up.

What I have not given up on, however, is this thing I've been doing, with the smart eating and the working out and the like.

Was in Mississauga for a few days last week, so I went to Curves with my mom and sister. Ah, robot church, I kind of didn't miss you that much. The camaraderie is great, familially speaking. The wear and tear on my knees and assorted other joints? Not as great. I will be cancelling that membership after Christmas, I think. It's not a rigorous enough workout for me, and, at the same time, it totally wrecks my body.

And wrecking my body is not part of the plan here.

Other fast things: got nice comments from assorted family members on current appearance. Am also feeling quite skinny, relatively speaking. Though less so at this very moment, because I haven't actually worked out for eeep! four days. Will rectify this oversight in about twenty minutes.

Am making plans to begin weightlifting, which I fully expect will change my life. Stand by for update when appropriate.

Genuinely, pants are very baggy. This makes me very happy. Will be much happier when I can buy some new ones.

What else? Am hitting it hard with the naturopath. Turns out...get this...that there might actually be something amiss with my thyroid function. Not that I think I got this way totally because of my thyroid, but it may be a factor. Anyhow. There will be many months of naturopathic treatment in my future. Good times. Put the quinoa on to boil, baby, I'm a comin home!

(No quinoa tonight, though. Going to take Professor Taco out for supper. May--may eat a lamb-burger. May be very happy about that indeed. Oh, remind me to tell you about the oven "fried" fish and chips I've been experimenting with lately. Oh god, the good eating we've been doing. All of it on-plan and mostly candida-protocol-appropriate. Whee!)


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