Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Splitting the difference

Sometimes, you just gotta eat what there is to eat.

I am trying to keep this in mind so I can not go crazy.

I’m in Winnipeg. I’ve been here for five meals. Two of them have been off-plan, with another one on the horizon. But it will be sushi, so if I order well, I should be ok.

So it’s too bad that what I want is tempura everything and lots of spicy mayo.

But chances are, I will resist. Because I want to continue losing weight, yes. But also because my body these days is kind enough to provide an immediate backlash against any kind of food slip-up. Sugar makes my nose itch. Wheat makes my belly blow up like a balloon. Dairy hurts my stomach, mould makes my ears itch and yeast makes my lady parts uncomfortable. So though the idea of, say, a chicken parmesan sandwich on lush Italian bread makes me feel happy for a moment, the inventory of pain it would provide pretty much keeps me from hunting one down and throwing myself upon it ravenously.

So, there’s that.

On the other hand, you gotta eat. And sometimes—like, say, when you’re on the road for two weeks and not entirely in charge of your food options—sometimes, you gotta eat stuff you wouldn’t normally go for. Because otherwise? Crazy, in the form of french fries and chocolate bars. I haven’t gone this kind of crazy yet. In fact, I’ve kind of surprised myself with my most un-Virgoan laid-back que sera sera approach. I ate lunch at an Asian vegetarian buffet yesterday and chose mainly on the side of brown rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower, but also had some fried tofu in some kind of sauce. And sushi last night (yes, two nights in a row. What?) was miso soup and an insanely good tuna-salmon-avocado-cucumber roll with hot sauce holy smokes. And some edamame. And goma ae. There’s more fermentation and sugar there than there should be, but less tempura than I wanted. Sometimes, you have to split the difference.

Which is what I’m hoping to do the next two weeks. I bought a few groceries last night so I’d have good breakfast and lunch choices. I figure if I eat no more than one sort-of off-plan meal a day, I should be ok. And I won’t eat out every night. But there are lots of friends to catch up with, and lots of restaurants I love here and so I will attempt to conduct myself in a sensible manner. And we shall see how that goes.

In other news, I did hit the gym yesterday, for some time on the cross-trainer and some flutterboard laps in the pool. Tonight, I will return to my beloved aquafit. And then, sushi. And on the weekend, I will shop for clothes for the first time since starting this little bagatelle.



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