Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recommitted and it feels so...good, I guess

I started tracking again yesterday. It takes forever. But I do love the numbers.

Except for the number on the scale, and worse, the ones on the tape measure. Those, I do not love. I am working to never see those particular numbers again. And this time I mean it.

Today was good. Ate well and copiously, then hit the gym and worked out for nearly two hours, which felt great. I had all kinds of energy due, no doubt, to the good food I ate all day.

Walked home in the freezing cold. Was too beat to make the curried greens I'd been dreaming of all day, so instead I ate the last of the sweet potato peanut soup I made on Sunday (damn good) and a big salad. We got our first organic food box delivery last night, and now the fridge is stuffed with gorgeous food. I'll make those curried greens tomorrow night.

So, at the gym...it turns out I can "run" on the elliptical. I pushed myself and got up to a pretty reasonable speed, and it doesn't hurt my knee, and the endorphins feel pretty damn good. So THAT'S what everyone's talking about. Huh.


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