Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Third verse, same as the first

"June 22," Taco said last night. "Do you know what you did on June 22?"
"Hmm," I said. "Second day of summer. Two days after our anniversary. I...um...oh. Updated my blog. That's the last time I updated my blog, yeah."


Hi! So, um, where have I been all this time?

Well, we went on vacation. And then we came back. And then we started dealing with the back of the house, which is kind of sliding off the front of the house. And I went back to work, and worked on refinancing the mortgage (see above re: sliding house parts), and addressed our wedding invitations, and a hundred thousand other things/excuses.

And, ok, I guess I'm having a hard time lately. Vacation kicked it off, of course. I'd been doing so well before that. Boot camp twice a week on Citadel Hill early in the morning had me pretty trim, with great muscle tone. Then, um, vacation. There was a bridal shower for me, with crustless sandwiches and frillions of small desserts. Those small desserts reappeared frequently during our three-week vacation. And so did my love of beer. And all my glorious plans to walk every morning? Yeah, not so much.

So then we came home, and I kept eating as if we were still on vacation. And not so much, again, with the working out.

Still, I did walk a lot while we were away, because that's what you do. And I've been eating mostly pretty well since we got back, I'm just eating too much of it. I've gained around 5 pounds I think. Which isn't the end of the world, but is definitely the wrong direction in which to be heading, especially since, you know, the lovely green dress that is being made for me in another city, that I won't be able to try on till the week before the wedding, and that won't fit if I don't carve off at least those five pounds in the next month and a half.

The good news it is certainly do-able. The good news is I have been spumping twice a week (Spumping = half hour of spin, half hour of body bar, a whole lotta awesome), and walking at least twice a week, and busting out random toning exercises many evenings if I'm watching tv. The good news is I want to turn the ship around.

Sigh. Here we go again...